FIFA 20 Volta: What is unique in this mode?

fifa 20 volta mode

The boldest introduction to the FIFA series of games in years must be the emergence of Volta Soccer in FIFA 20, a model that is essentially FIFA Street repainted back with the extra bits of edges.

Also, some rules, such as spot-kicks for foul calls, and a specified wall-free play mode that allows throw-ins to be included are the most significant features. There’s hardly any guidelines, so it’s all about infuriating your opposing team and creating chances for shouting goals.

We will run through specific general helpful hints in this step by step guide to help you learn the art of Volta Soccer.

What can you do in FIFA 20 Volta?

Jockey to intercept

It is the crucial tactic of the game, and you can score the goal without any hassle. Tackling in this mode is not advisable, but Jockeying is the remedy. By pressing L2 and R2, you can jockey the ball and keep the ball in your control. It will allow you to infiltrate the opponent’s box and drifting in either direction.

Similarly, you can reduce the opportunity of your opponent to score a goal without any contact with them. Finally, it helps you improve your skills and enjoy the game mode.

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Use your environment

Once you play a full form of Volta, its three-on-three teams within a caged venue. The real entertainment begins right here. But many players do not use the advantage of being inside a cage in their favor.

When you are caged, you can kick off the ball against the cage and pass to your fellow player. Spectacular moments happen with the addition of an un-defendable cross and shoot to the goal.  Using your environment is, therefore, the second tip that is untold so far.

Avoid powered shots

The arena where you will play the game is small, and hence power shots are never an advisable solution to score a goal. In this mode of the game, you need to develop your skill in ball possession and jockeying. When the team is 3v3, then there is ample opportunity to play the game in a skilled manner.

The game mode is a developed version of street football, and you have to play the game in street football philosophy. Passing the ball and dribbling with it is the key to success. It will annoy your opponent, and they will leave a spot to score.

Play without goalkeeper

There are matches in Volta matches without a goalkeeper, and that is the most exciting challenge. Here you have to defend the goal with your skill, and you can enjoy that and improve your defending skill.

All these forms of gameplay is an exertion of street football, and you have to develop the game accordingly.

Juggling the ball

One of Volta’s unique features is fast juggling, in which you can tap on the right stick to flip the ball into the air and hold down it past the keeper. It is the most rewarding move, and you will surely enjoy it.


FIFA 20 Volta mode is excellently represented with a story mode, and you can enjoy the rise of a footballer through the exceptionally well-woven story. So if you want to find a MoSalah within you play the mode and enjoy.

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