Busy, Busy, Busy!

by Lisa Brancatisano on March 7, 2014


I am feeling a little sheepish writing after such a long absence! I can’t believe that it has been nearly three whole months since my last post!
A bit embarrassing really BUT I will tell what has been happening in those past months and you may understand. (I hope!)

I guess the biggest news is that unbeknownst to me, while I was writing my last post and enjoying my drive around the Tuscan country-side in Giacomo, the vintage Fiat 500, I was actually pregnant! I am now nearly 5 months and baby is due mid-late July.  I did suffer from some awful morning sickness for the first 14 weeks and also incredible exhaustion. Working long hours which included quite a bit of travel, combined with also having a toddler to look after made me want to just collapse after putting Matteo to bed each night. And actually, that is what I did at every moment possible. I had many great post ideas whirling around my head but just didn’t quite have the energy (or ability to write anything intelligent while feeling so nauseas) to get them written down and posted! There is nothing worse than the constant nausea one experiences with morning sickness!  Thank god that has all passed now.

As mentioned earlier, I have traveled a lot these last few months as it is the season for the release of the new Autumn Winter 2014 Fashion collections.  In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I work for a fashion distributor who imports various shoe and apparel brands into Italy so since I last wrote, I have been to Berlin, two freezing trips to New York and also Milan twice in the last two weeks alone.
TWINS-Gemelle in Cucina

One of the most incredible things that I was involved in though would have to be the three days I spent with my sister, Toni in Rome doing something that I never imagined I would do – take part in a cooking show on Italian TV! I was incredibly fortunate to participate in the amazing experience of filming a cooking show with my sister which is currently airing on the Gambero Rosso channel on SKY every Tuesday night at 9:30pm (for those of you living in Italy!)  The show is called, “Twins, Gemelle in Cucina” and we cook some of our favourite recipes from our childhood that our mother used to prepare for us, basically Australian and English comfort food.  Below is a link to the promo -


The best compliment was when we finished filming each episode, the crew would all pounce on the food exclaiming how good everything was!  If any of the episodes ever get loaded onto YouTube, I will be sure to post a link or two here.


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Lauren March 10, 2014 at 10:12 am

Lisa! How fantastic and cool to be on a cooking show with your sister! I hope the video’s do get put on youtube, and yes you must share! Happy to hear you are feeling better after your first trimester. It was great to see you at Pitti. x Lauren


Jill heathershaw March 11, 2014 at 9:17 am

Dearest Lisa,do not berate yourself you are doing such a wonderful job balancing a busy career & a beautiful toddler & now a pregnancy as well.All the Heathershaws are so so proud of you girls only wish we could share in your triumph on TV.
Loved seeing the “bump” and glad you past the worst.
Heaps of love to you Emiliano& Matteo


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